Healthy recipes on the ‘net

The web provides a huge recipe resource, though you’ll have to sift through quite carefully for the healthier options. Here are some useful links guaranteed to produce reliable recipes:

  • Recipes from the website called World’s Healthiest Foods. The site features some of the best nutritional information around, including over 100 recipes conveniently arranged by meal type or indexed by ingredient.
  • The recipe collection of the UK Vegetarian society. You needn’t be a vegetarian to benefit. Stick to minimal or no dairy recipes.
  • The recipe treasure box of the US’s trendiest health food chain – WholeFoods – now also in residence in London’s Kensington High Street. Not all recipes are ‘kosher’ from a health point of view – plenty of the dough and dairy variety – so browse with the guidelines below for healthy food in mind. You’ll still find a ton of good options.

For a recipe to qualify as healthy, it should

  • be low in total and saturated fat
  • use healthy fats and oils
  • include very little added salt and sugar
  • be based on healthy ingredients – vegetables, whole grains and flours, pulses, fish, fruit (the latter ideally not mixed with the former)
  • rely on fresh or minimally processed ingredients
  • include minimal amounts of dairy
  • be cooked using a healthy method (so deep frying doesn’t come into it…)

Naturally, it should also produce a delicious result!

Bon appetit.

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