20 different breakfast ideas

Are you at a loss as to what to eat for your first meal of the day? Or bored with the same thing you’ve been eating every morning for the last 20 years? Here are 20 fresh and different breakfast ideas – no bread, croissant, coffee or jam in sight – dedicated to all of you in need of change, inspiration and/or variety.

Have a great day!

Quickest and energy-giving for hours on end

  • Power shake (smoothie): banana, seasonal fruit, almonds, sesame seeds and linseeds, honey, cinnamon and freshly pressed fruit juice – blended together
  • Breakfast on the Go: blend banana, berries, best quality muesli, walnuts, yoghurt, maple syrup and freshly pressed apple juice.


  • Chopped fresh fruit with goat’s yoghurt
  • Diced fresh fruit soaked in freshly pressed orange juice with chopped almonds on top
  • Fresh fruit salad with home-made muesli
  • Freshly pressed juice (fruit or vegetable)
  • Oatmeal porridge cooked with chopped apple, cinnamon and raisins
  • Oatmeal porridge with a topping of blueberries, raspberries and walnut halves
  • Cooked quinoa with blackberries, maple syrup and lightly toasted pecans
  • Brown rice with soya milk, chopped dried fruit and pistachio nuts
  • Dried fruit compote


  • Hard boiled egg mashed with avocado, plus a rice cake
  • Last night’s soup with a spoonful or two of cooked rice
  • Corn cake/s with sardines and tomatoes
  • Rice cake/s with houmous (chickpea pâté)
  • A mug of miso soup with tofu and spring onion
  • Oatmeal porridge, cooked with water, flavoured with miso paste and sesame seeds
  • Oatmeal porridge, cooked with water, with salt, freshly grated ginger and garden peas
  • Sushi
  • Omelette and green salad
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