The BLISS retreat

Ein Gedi Country Hotel, Dead Sea, Israel

“… the energy, people, sea, desert, remoteness, accommodation, views, light and –not in the least- the holy feeling of Jerusalem nearby. It’s like being able to touch the navel of the Earth…”

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The BLISS retreat, uniquely designed for women, by women, offers an empowering and life-changing 7 day program for a maximum of 20 lucky women. Or, in the words of one of our previous participants – “7 days of juice fasting, yoga, mindfulness and magic”.

In the mystical surroundings of the Dead Sea and the Judean Desert we will reconnect with ourselves and with an ancient healing system, which purifies the body and uplifts the mind.

The special energy created within a women-only group, in a faraway, secluded haven allows us safely to remove masks and defences, release unwanted burdens and enjoy mental peace and quiet with some fun thrown in for good measure.

What will we do?


  • Dead Sea dipping and mud bathing
  • Juice drinking – with some helpful supplements
  • Internal and external cleanse
  • Body pampering massages and treatments


  • Yoga – a daily, extended yoga session with an emphasis on gentle asanas and breathing exercises to encourage cleansing and relaxation
  • Mindfulness sessions – to calm the mind and connect with your quiet source within
  • Morning nature trail – we’ll take an early bird walk and, if we’re early enough, watch the sun rise over the Dead Sea


  • Desert outing – to the spectacular nearby David Canyon nature reserve, including bathing in the natural rock pools
  • Visit to Massada (optional) – the spectacular desert fortress, former majestic palace of Kind Herod and the scene of the most famous rebellion of the Jews against the Roman empire (read “The Dovekeepers” before you come!)

  • Outdoor yoga and mindfulness sessions in the peaceful surroundings
  • Women-to-women mutual support and encouragement
  • Peace and serenity courtesy of the magical desert environment
  • Music, chanting and sometimes just blissful silence together


  • massages and various spa treatments in the beautiful new spa overlooking the Dead Sea. Reinforce the cleansing, rejuvenation and relaxation process. Many types are available and they are all popular with our ladies! (optional at an extra cost)
  • Winding down by the pool or in any of the hidden, magical spots of Ein Gedi’s fabulous botanical gardens
  • Relaxing with a book or some music or catching a midday nap in our cosy hall

What will we eat?

One of the goals of retreat is to allow for a total body cleanse, freeing the mind and spirit to fly high. This will be achieved primarily through a cleansing juice fast, which purifies the blood and cells, washes out old toxins and miraculously revives looks and energy levels.

The morning starts with a warm lemon water drink to flush out the system. During the day you’ll be drinking four substantial glasses of freshly pressed, organic fruit and/or vegetable juice – an energy bomb rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. In the evening a herb-flavoured, delicious vegetable broth is served to nourish, soothe and calm from inside. You will not feel hungry (there’s always extra juice if you do). You’ll feel light, pure and energized.

The retreat will end with a luxurious light lunch of pure delicacies personally and lovingly prepared by the hotel chef.

Who will lead the retreat?





Two experienced nutrition, yoga and vitality coaches who love yoga, mindfulness and healthy food enough to live this way and want to share it with the world – Naomi Stubbé and yours truly, Vardit Kohn.

With the exception of the juice drinking, participation in the program is entirely up to you. You will have plenty of time to relax by the pool, read a book or simply do nothing.

The program is run in English

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