Feeding children – the tactics

child refusing to eat

With so much information around about what kids should and shouldn’t eat, how much and when, you’d think that by now all parents would be walking experts on kids’ nutrition. You’d also think that most kids would be eating reasonably … Continue reading

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Low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia)

sugar galore for hypoglycemia

Low Blood Sugar (LBS) is responsible for so much illness in our society; yet doctors are not trained to recognise it, nor is there a clear-cut test to diagnose it. Most of us suffer from it in one way or … Continue reading

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Natural cosmetics

natural cosmetics

Wouldn’t we all love to have soft, velvety skin? The desire to possess a perfect, smooth, peachy complexion has been with us (in particular us females) for as long as we have existed, and has helped the cosmetics industry reach … Continue reading

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Natural nutrition – what is it about?

tomatoes for natural nutrition

If you ask me what Nutritional Therapy is, then the standard answer is – it’s about working with people’s nutrition to help them support their bodies in maintaining or achieving optimal health. Supporting the body through healthy nutrition enables the … Continue reading

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New Year’s resolutions

new year's resolutions

January is always a good month in which to start a bit of a nutritional review. Christmas cakes and bubbly booze have been translated into a few extra pounds, and you have made the inevitable New Year Resolution to, yet … Continue reading

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Organic food

certified organic

In 2005 the European organic food market was estimated at €15 billion. It is forecast to reach €18 billion in 2010. Some even say this is a conservative figure. Throughout the Western world the market for organic food and drink … Continue reading

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Osteoporosis – Stop the Dairy Hysteria

radiant old woman no osteoporosis

Osteoporosis (literally, ‘porous bones’) is a serious disease where the bones slowly become demineralised and therefore brittle and fragile. It is often a quiet disease, unknown until a fall causes multiple fractures and healing becomes long and difficult. Let me … Continue reading

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probiotic capsules

Big word, very popular, sells lots, but what is it exactly? Continue reading

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Rosacea – foods for and against

Perfect skin is what we all want

Rosacea is a chronic disease of the facial skin, especially of the nose and cheeks. It is characterised by a red or rosy coloration, caused by dilation of capillaries, and the appearance of acne like pimples. Since it is a facial … Continue reading

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Soy – to eat or not to eat?

soy beans

The humble soy bean has been the subject of fierce controversy in recent years, leading to confusion and anxiety amongst consumers, especially mothers. On the one hand, soy is touted as the panacea for dairy-intolerant infants; for menopause-related complaints; for … Continue reading

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