Catering advice

The health food trend has long stopped being a mere ‘trend’. It’s a fact of life. People now actively look for healthier options – in restaurants, take away stalls and work canteens. Not everyone, not all the time, but enough people enough of the time for there to be a mega shift in thinking.

Caterers across the board realise they have to re-think their menus. Words like ‘healthy’, ‘organic’, ‘sustainable’ and ‘calorie aware’ have become mainstream. Ham and cheese sandwiches may still rule, but now a fresh salad bar stands right next to them.

What can For Goodness’ Sake offer in this field?

  • advice and consultancy on food offering in the staff canteen – from a full audit and a full menu review down to a few simple and practical change steps
  • development, together with your chef, of a special menu for your event (e.g. sustainable/healthy/energy menu)
  • organising a full catering service for your event

drop us a line and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.

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some stunning natural and healthy dishes prepared following Vardit’s advice

Relevant experience

Vardit has worked across the board, with

  • Michelin star chefs (e.g. ‘Ciel Bleu’ at the Okura Hotel, Amsterdam; Kromme Dissel; Sandton Hotel de Nederlanden)
  • commercial (canteen) caterers
  • gourmet catering companies and
  • event planners

giving guidance and advice on the principles of healthier and more natural cooking. Chefs of all types are rarely trained in these principles and are often surprised to realise the difference between their normal way of cooking and a lighter, healthier, more natural approach. They love the creative challenge of working with different ingredients, and come up with fantastic dishes which prove that good-for-you food can be beautiful, elegant and lekker.