Personal consultations

Private nutrition consultationGiving nutritional consultations is a privilege. It’s a privilege to listen to your unique story, help you make sense of it and suggest ways in which to get you back on track. Your personal story is like no other’s, and it merits individual care and attention.

How does it work?

In-Depth consultation

To start a consultation, you’ll first fill in a detailed food diary and a questionnaire, which takes into account many aspects of your health and being, including some you may not think are related to your health. Once Vardit reads this questionnaire, she’ll know what to focus on, where to probe and what the general direction of advice is likely to be. A face-to-face consultation follows – either real or virtual.

During the consultation you will receive an explanation as to what the main issues are and their possible origin. You will understand how your diet and life style affect your health, and a plan of action will be designed to suit your needs and abilities.

In follow-up consultations your progress will be reviewed and any questions rising from the changes you made will be answered. The next stages of your personal plan will also be outlined.

Ideally you’ll keep in touch until you feel you’re on your own Nutritional Highway, and cruising towards your goal at a comfortable speed.

Implementing nutritional changes takes a while, and you need to allow the body time and space to adjust and react. To reach a satisfactory result, plan on having several consultations.

What will you get out of a consultation?
  • a holistic analysis of your symptoms
  • an understanding of the link between what you eat, the way you live and the way you feel
  • a suggested plan of change suited to your individual needs and pace
  • practical advice, including menus and recipes
  • a listening ear
  • plenty of support and a positive outlook

Mini Consultation

The mini consultation is a 30-45 minute encounter, in which the most important nutritional point/s and required changes are discussed. You fill a brief questionnaire in advance, Vardit reads it and prepares her notes in advance of the session and the short discussion goes right to the core and focuses on the most obvious things to change.

The mini consultation is very popular with corporations, and justly so. It’s a way of allowing the employees access to a nutritionist and of increasing their awareness about the link between food, health and performance. Mini consultation days (12-15 employees per day) are perceived as an affordable and highly beneficial bonus to staff and company alike.

Please note that this option is not available to private individuals.