Corporate Work

“Vardit ran an entire week of personal nutrition consultations and workshops during our Health and Wellness Month in November 2008. The feedback from employees was so positive that we’ve asked Vardit to come back this year and further develop our nutrition program. Her practical, no-nonsense approach, in-depth knowledge of everything nutrition, passion, enthusiasm and professionalism make her a perfect match for corporate clients.”

Roy Sharon, Liberty Global Inc., Amsterdam

“Vardit has worked for us in various countries with clients such as the European Space Agency and Société Générale. Staff feedbacks were so great that she is now a member of our Scientific Committee. Vardit is passionate and immensely knowledgeable about nutrition. She provides clear information and sound, down to earth advice, suitable for working people. In her unique and fun way she manages to engage even those who are not that interested in nutrition.”

Isabelle Henkens, Om Health & Work, Paris