Detox Groups

Power Detox

(twice annually, January and September)

“Vardit is the only expert I’d do this with.”

“Thank you for steering me towards following a path of health and vitality. Your expert guidance and humour have kept me going”.

“I’ve learned so much in the last few weeks. I’ve started cooking differently, buying my food at different places, and have become created aware of what food does to me (especially sugar was a big eye-opener!!). My family now eats different (and they like it!!) so this is a lifetime change. Thanks a million, Vardit!”

“Thank you for all of your eye opening information presented in such an open, easy, and accessible manner! It’s been a trip!”

“I will do it again next year! It’s a wonderful way to get back on track”.

“I feel super: very energetic, in balance and clean. It was a very inspiring effort, working with you and all the other detoxeuses!”

“Thank you again for bringing me once more on the right path of healthy food and conscious living.”

“I loved the detox and will definitely incorporate some of the lessons and ideas from it into my normal routine. I felt very good while doing it and feel very motivated to keep my body healthy.”

“I learned a lot and you made it enjoyable and very easy to follow.”

“Your writing style is very amusing and texts on the blog were very interesting.”

“Again, Vardit, you can be enormously proud of what is achieved here under your guidance.”

“Excellent program. 9/10 for the idea & organisation! Really liked our evenings together, the weblog, the recipes, the contact by e-mail…”

“I was so impressed by the whole experience last time that I want to repeat it. For me, it is more than detox, it is a course on nutrition. Your articles are packed with information, well written and inspiring”.

“This experience has empowered me so much about ways to keep away from doctors and sickness”.

Mini Bikini Summer Detox

(Once annually, in May/June)

“Thank you for making my first detox such a success.  It was a wonderful experience!! I would love to do it twice a year in the future because it made me feel so healthy. My husband, who joined as well, lost an amazing amount of weight in 2 weeks: 8 kg!!”.

“I loved and was totally inspired by your mini bikini detox , it has transformed the way I eat and I have lots more energy. My children and husband are benefiting, too”.

“I just hit my energy boost , I feel really great! I want to go running, dancing, jumping up & down. But instead I channeled the energy into my work, and that works out great as well!”

“It’s really a wonderful experience. I lost 6 kg in 2.5 weeks and feel so good. The recipes are delicious. I’ll try to stick to the raw food as much as possible in the next weeks as it’s so good for body.”

“Thank you for all your support! I’d really like to continue eating this way because I feel wonderful in many many ways! I feel leaner and cleaner and very energetic! I was already used to eating very healthy, but eating raw does make an enormous difference.”

“In short: I have learned sooooo much! I feel great! I am so happy that I joined!”