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What is it about?

The Power Detox Program is  a real-life self-experiment designed to enrich your understanding of nutrition, improve your health and make you feel and look miles better at the end. It is a fun way to cleanse your body, explore the effect specific foods have on you and discover the perfect way of eating for you, because there only one you and we are all different.

How does it work?

The programme lasts 5 weeks. Every week one ‘Detox Block’ (= potentially offensive food) is removed from the diet. You will get a full explanation as to what comes out, why and – most importantly – what to replace it with. As the weeks pass, increasingly more toxins will leave your diet and body, and your food intake will become purer and more varied. Unlike a normal detox, when all offensive foods come out of the diet in one go, in this special programme they come out gradually, giving you the chance to feel their particular effect more clearly. As far as possible, Power Detox dates will follow the natural, seasonal cycles (in particular the Autumn and Spring equinoxes), preparing us and our body for the season ahead.

Who is the Power Detox designed for?

The detox is designed for anyone who’d like to deepen their understanding about the link between food, health, energy and well-being. Along the way you’ll be treated to a nutrition course in a nutshell. The detox is designed for healthy people. If you suffer from any disease, please inform Vardit in advance of starting the programme.

Can I lose weight with the detox?

The Power Detox is designed for everyone, even if you don’t want to lose any weight. Its main goal is a good cleanse of your system, not weight loss per se. However, in the course of the 5 weeks of the detox Vardit will provide extra advice (including menus and recipes) for those who are specifically looking for weight loss. The aim is to allow those who want to lose weight the chance to adjust the Power Detox accordingly and gain insights for life, well beyond the 5 weeks of the Detox.

Do I need to prepare in advance?

The starting point is your normal diet, so you don’t need to prepare in advance. The Power Detox kicks off with a cooking workshop sporting plenty of dishes suitable for a detox and giving you an idea about the kind of food you’d want to cook and eat during the following weeks. During the kick-off workshop we’ll also talk about the Rules of the Game and make sure you understand what you’re up to. The detox itself will start one week later and end 5 weeks after its start.

How will I get all the information I need?

Vardit will communicate with the group via a specially dedicated, member-only, extensive blog, where she will be posting daily articles on various topics, including the “Detox Blocks”, why they are removed from the diet, what other foods can replace them, what effects you could expect, how to go about managing the detox plus plenty of nutritional information should you wish to go even deeper. Dozens of recipes will also be provided to help you expand your culinary horizon and learn to work with new ingredients and techniques. You’ll be encouraged to post comments, ideas, advice, recipes (and moans!) on the blog.

Will there be enough recipes on the blog?

Lots and lots of recipes – from first to main courses, soups, salads, stews, shakes, juices, snacks and many healthy (or healthier) sweets and treats. If you’re looking for inspiration for life in the kitchen, you’ll find your answers on the blog. Previous detoxers (and their families) loved the delicious recipes, and contributed more of their own.

What are the detailed menu plans for?

The menu plans are a new feature (as of 2012) of the Power Detox. If you’re not sure how or what to eat; if you’d like some ideas and inspiration in the kitchen; or if you simply don’t want to think, just do, then you’ll find the menu plans a great help. Two to three times a week Vardit will do the thinking for you and post a full-day’s menu plan – with recipes, of course! – including a suggestion for what to eat at breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between. Easy!

Is the Power Detox done in a group?

Doing it ensemble rather than going solo is easier and more fun, so team feel and mutual support will be encouraged. There will be 3 meetings – start, mid-term and end – and the blog will be used for communication. On the blog we will meet up virtually, post comments, share feelings, air frustrations and difficulties, offer tips, support and recipes and inspire with successes. For those taking an active part, there’s lots happening!

Will we meet as a group?

Yes. First at the initial kick-off cooking workshop, and then twice during the 5 week period we’ll meet informally to discuss progress, check out how everyone’s doing, share advice and ideas and get all the answers you might want from Vardit. You don’t have to attend these meetings, they are there for you if you want them. The programme changes and improves the whole time. In the past we enjoyed  film screening at our mid-detox meeting and a yoga lesson at our last meeting, both in Heart to Heart, a beautiful spiritual centre in Bussum.

Can I be a long distance participant?

If you can’t attend any of the workshops or meetings you can still be a long distance (virtual) participant. Previous Power Detoxers joined us from Paris, London, India and the US. You’ll get all the material via e-mail and the blog.

What’s included in the price?

The kick-off cooking workshop, two meetings, blog access and all the information and support throughout the 5 weeks of the programme are included in the price.

Do you suggest additional methods to enhance the detox process?

Yes. Deep tissue massage and colonic sessions (darmspoeling) can further enhance the detox by stimulating the lymphatic system and by cleansing the colon (dikke darm). Special rates were arranged for you with excellent practitioners at Heart to Heart in Bussum/Huizen (details will be provided). We will also discuss other methods of external cleansing at our group meetings.

What should I expect?

Expect the Power Detox to push you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to explore pre-conceived ideas (“I drink so little coffee, it has no effect on me”. “Oops, well, maybe it does… I just didn’t realise it until now”). Expect to learn lots about what food does to you and to come up with some bright insights for future use. Expect to take your food less for granted and to make a bit more effort to look better after yourself. Expect to lose a bit of weight and gain lots of energy and a better skin. Expect to be surprised – by what food does to you and by what you can achieve when you set your mind to it. And expect to have to dedicate time to this special programme – you’ll be running a nutritional marathon!

What if I go on holiday during the Detox?

No point killing yourself with worry over your food when on holidays. You do your best during the week and get back on track after your return. You’ll still benefit a great deal from the detox.

Last word…

Ultimately, everyone involved in the programme should feel way better in 5 weeks’ time and will have learned lots of new stuff about themselves. And it’s not just about nutrition…

A taster of what others thought

“Excellent program. 9/10 for the idea and organisation! Really liked our evenings together, the weblog, the recipes, the contact by e-mail…”

“I was so impressed by the whole experience last time that I want to repeat it. For me, it is more than detox, it is a course on nutrition. Your articles are packed with information, well written and inspiring”.

“This experience has empowered me so much about ways to keep away from doctors and sickness”.

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