Mini Bikini Experience

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What is it about?

The Mini Bikini Experience is a short and powerful plan to get yourself in shape – and good health – before the summer. The goal is to feel lean, clean and fit in a short time, so the program is only 2 weeks long and is action-focused. Little theory, plenty of practice.

How does the program work?

The program is based on two raw food (uncooked) meals per day (breakfast and lunch) plus a light, partly cooked evening meal. Raw snacking and no junk, alcohol, sugar, caffeine and a few other unhelpful (and much loved) dietary items.

To make it easy for you you’ll be given

  • a detailed menu plan for 14 days 
  • all the required recipes for this plan.
  • a shopping list

Do your shopping and follow the menu – that’s it!

What’s included in the price?

  • An inspiring Launch Workshop full of food and fun
  • the full, 2-week menu plan
  • all the recipes required for the menu plan
  • a 2-week shopping list
  • and Vardit’s tender, loving support throughout the program…

For whom is the Mini Bikini designed ?

For anyone who wants to feel and look better inside and out in preparation for summer. And for those of you who know the theory and only want the action bits. Definitely for those of you keen to experience the positive effects of raw food at a time of year that’s actually suitable for it (well, we hope…).

How will I get all the information I need?

One week before the start of the Mini Bikini Experience you’ll join a Launch Workshop sporting a few of the dishes from the 2-week menu plan. During the workshop we’ll review the menu plan and the whole process together and you’ll get all the verbal and printed information you’ll need. Communication during the 2 detox weeks will be via e-mail.

Will I need any equipment?

A good juicer (sap centrifuge), a good blender and a food processor are essential. They’ll make your meals, plan and life quick and easy.

Can I do something to enhance the Experience?

To pack extra ‘umpf’ into the plan my advice would be to add a detoxing massage (one or two). You can of course step up your fitness programme, that will help a lot, too.

Do I need to prepare in advance?

The cleaner your diet, the easier will the Mini Bikini Experience be for you. Minimising or cutting out sugar, alcohol, bread and caffeine 2-3 weeks prior to the start will help you a lot. Other than that, your only preparation will be shopping for the ingredients you’ll need.

Can I join as a virtual participant?

Yes, sure. If you can’t make it to the Launch Workshop, you can still get all the information you need – the menu plan, the recipes and the e-mail advice – via your computer. Easy.

Is there someone for whom the program isn’t suitable?

If you have a chronic bowel inflammatory disease (e.g. Crohn’s or IBS), then too much raw food isn’t right for you. If you have a real difficulty balancing your blood sugar levels; or have different eating preferences (e.g. a larger or cooked breakfast), the program may not be suitable for you, or you may need to adapt the menu plan accordingly. On the whole, however, most people find the Experience super energising and recharging.

What should I expect?

Expect to discover the rejuvenating, energising effects of raw food. Expect to feel better overall, probably sleep better, too. Expect to explore some new culinary horizons and to enjoy some super foods, which are also extremely quick and easy to prepare. Expect to put in some effort, but with much help and support. and expect to lose some weight (if you need to), especially if you’re careful about portions.

Last word…

A powerful, buzzing programme for no-nonsense, action-oriented souls who want results.