Power Lunch

The 1.5 – 2 hour ‘Power Lunch’ was conceived especially for business people to clarify the crucial link between food and energy, and the central role nutrition plays in ensuring high calibre performance. What better way to do it than at the table?

The ‘Power Lunch’ (or Dinner) is a combination of a motivational and informative nutrition talk and a specially prepared, energising meal showcasing the main points about a High Energy Diet. The setting is relaxed and informal, but the main points are made sharp and clear by the demonstration on the table.

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The Power Lunch is designed to be thought-provoking, even challenging to the common way of thinking, without losing sight of the practical side. It includes down to earth advice about no-nonsense changes that everyone can make and benefit from.

As part of the preparations for the “Power Lunch” Vardit provides the company caterers with clear guidelines and ideas as to the type of food to be served. Alternatively, Vardit can arrange external caterers if needed.

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Here is an example of some stunning, healthy and energising dishes prepared for previous “Power Lunches”