Public Speaking

Vardit Kohn public speakerWhen it comes to nutrition, most people are confused. There is so much information out there, it’s hard to make the wood from the trees. Who should I believe? what’s right? what’s wrong?

Vardit’s talks cut through the mess, give straight answers and leave people inspired to make changes for the better. Part of the message may be new, challenging, even provocative – and that’s good. It gets people thinking and re-evaluating common beliefs.

Vardit has plenty of experience as a keynote speaker to all audiences, from top management of international corporations to individuals in voluntary associations.

Here is a taste of some talk subjects:

  • Eat for Energy – how to eat to enhance your performance (see also the “Power Lunch”)
  • Sustainability – how to eat for Self and Planet
  • Stress Busting Nutrition
  • Debunking Nutritional Myths – What’s Right, What’s Wrong
  • Seasonal and lunar cycles in health and nutrition
  • Nutrition and the Female Question
  • Small Steps, Big Change – the Top Five everyday steps that will make One big change to your Life
  • ‘Sugar Blues’ – Fighting Sugar Addiction Successfully

Talks can always be tailored to a specific audience. To discuss a topic book a talk, drop us a line.

What the Clients Say

“Both Vardit’s sessions were packed with useful practical advice and information, and were really well received by our staff”.

C. B., Aurum Funds, London

“The enthusiasm you bring to the topic of natural nutrition is contagious, and it’s so inspiring to listen to you speak about your work with such passion. Thanks so much for sharing all your knowledge. Your talks have made me think about things differently.”

K. C., Amsterdam

“Vardit’s presentation was informative, interesting and inspiring. Overall an extremely thought-provoking presentation, but done in a fun and friendly manner.”

L. H., British Society, Den Haag

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