Public Speaking

Vardit Kohn public speaker“Vardit came to our offices twice for two sessions with our employees; ‘Debunking Nutritional Myths’ and ‘How to Get Started with Healthy Eating’. Both sessions were packed with useful, practical advice and information, and were really well received by our staff. Positive changes were made as a result of these sessions, and everyone picked up tips and ideas that they have incorporated into their lifestyles”.

C. B., Aurum Funds, London

“We had expected to hear a nutritional talk emphasizing the importance of good nutrition in our daily lives. We heard much more than that and we learned a lot from a woman who is passionate and well-informed about the information she shares. I walked away feeling like I had participated in a very thought provoking discussion led by a real expert.”

S. R., AWC Den Haag

“Dear Vardit, it was a joy to see you and listen to you when you gave your wonderful presentation for the members of the IWC. Everybody was so enthusiastic about the way you spoke and about the subject. You gave us many excellent suggestions, and the number of questions from the audience shows how interesting and much appreciated your presentation was.”

H. B-W., IWC Amsterdam

“The enthusiasm you bring to the topic of natural nutrition is contagious, and it’s so inspiring to listen to you speak about your work with such passion. I like best your down-to-earth attitude. It’s good to realize we can’t always be perfect, but we can certainly make healthier choices. Your talks have made me think about things differently and I am so eager to learn more.”

K.C., AWC Amsterdam

“Vardit’s presentation to the British Club of The Hague was informative, interesting and inspiring. We were lead through many discussion points and were given plenty of tips and ideas to improve our eating – and drinking – habits. Overall an extremely thought-provoking presentation, but done in a fun and friendly manner.”

L.H., British Society, The Hague