Snoep Goed

Vardit Kohn, nutritionist, and Galit Hahn, artist, both mothers and good food lovers, have put together their knowledge, experience and love of good food to create this book of delicious sweet ideas for the whole family. From mouth-watering biscuits, tarts and snacks to creative desserts, they made use of a whole range of natural products that are easy to get and work with, even for children. The simple, practical recipes, rich photography and illustrations, detailed information and handy tips make cooking with children a feast. And the end result is healthy sweet treats you’d love to share with your kids…

“Snoep Goed” is now out of print. Hopefully an e-book will be available in future.

What the Dutch press said about ‘Snoep Goed’

“Feestje? De traktaties uit dit boek zijn lekker en verantwoord”.


“…een speciaal kookboekje voor kinderen ‘Snoep Goed’. Ik heb me er het leplazerus uit gebakken. Allemaal gezond en verantwoord. En toch lekker. Als ik mijn kinderen kletskoppen van ahornsiroop en havervlokken voorzet, heb ik toch een beter gevoel over mijn moederschap dan wanneer ik een zak marsen koop.”

De Telegraaf

“Stuk voor stuk niet moeilijk om te maken en lekker om je tanden in te zetten. Blijven ze nog heel en wit ook”.

Eindhovens Dagblad

“Een leuk boek om ideetjes uit op te doen”.

Nieuws voor Diëtisten

“Schitterend uitgevoerde boek”.


“Eenvoudig en aantrekkelijk geïllustreerd en vormgegeven”.

Financieele Dagblad

Want to know more? This is why we wrote ‘Super Sweets & Treats’

“We like sweet treats, our children want to have them, our children’s friends can’t have enough of them, and everyone else we know loves them.

Sweets and treats taste great, for sure, but there’s a price to pay. Parents are increasingly aware that That Sweet Stuff is not as innocent as it may appear. Commercial sweets, bakes, snacks and desserts are frighteningly high in sugar, fat, flavourings, colourings and preservatives. By now, too many links have been made between these and childhood obesity, learning disabilities, behavioural problems and multiple allergies, to name but a few. Today’s children have higher cholesterol levels than ever, are increasingly diagnosed as hyperactive or ADHDed, and have more allergies than can be counted.

It is now commonly accepted that good, balanced nutrition plays a major role in health. Heavily processed, commercially-made foods contribute nothing towards balanced nutrition or good health. In fact, they positively detract from it.

Still, life without sweet things would be very dull…

So we thought – how about if we wrote a recipe book of delicious treats that aren’t that bad, that may even have some goodness in them, that kids can make on their own and that we might even encourage them to eat? Could there really be such sweets?

We think so.

This book is the result of our work of love. Love of cooking, love of children, love of health and, of course, love of sweets!”