Vardit Kohn has been a practising holistic nutritionist since completing a two-year practitioners’ course at the College of  Natural Nutrition in London in 1998. An inspirational public speaker, top management coach, published author, catering advisor and alternative health practitioner, she works with corporations and individuals on improving health and performance using our primary energy source – food. Her goal, pursued with typical energy and passion, is to inspire and motivate people anywhere, anytime about the amazing benefits even small changes to the daily diet can bring.

In addition to her many activities in the field of nutrition, Vardit regularly runs various detox groups for her clients and an overseas detox retreat; hosts countless natural cooking workshops; and acts as a trend tracker and consultant to the food industry.

Vardit adores (naturally) cooking, reading and traveling around the globe. Having a serious passion for Life and what it has to offer, she has a special weakness for inspirational people whose ideas can light our life path. She has been practising yoga for more than 25 years, and it remains a quiet and deeply rooted love which balances out life’s high speed. She loves music, is passionate about Latin dancing (salsa – and not only in the kitchen!) and thrives on sunshine, human warmth, and the reassuring touch of Nature around her.

Vardit’s Mission and Values

Passionate in her belief that good nutrition and a more natural way of living can improve the quality of life of everyone.

Sees it as her mission is to inspire, motivate and mentor people and companies to eat and live more naturally and healthily.

Believes that solutions should be practical rather than perfectionist; doable rather than impossible. Ideally, they should be a pleasure, too…

Honesty and integrity are crucial. Vardit walks the talk, and lives the way she preaches.

Quality and care are essential. Vardit goes the extra mile to ensure that her clients get the advice and service they need and expect, because she truly cares.