Sustainable food advice

Sustainability is here to stay. It’s partly enforced by government, and is increasingly requested by conscious customers. Nowadays many businesses actively initiate a move towards greater sustainability, and food is an integral part of the equation.

Fortunately, sustainability in food is very closely related to the natural, healthy way of eating Vardit has been advocating for many years. If you’re a company or a catering business looking to expand your commitment to the subject, here is the advice Vardit can offer as your partner in food sustainability:

Good films to watch on the subject are “The End of the Line” and “The Future of Food”
  • The principles behind sustainable food – what you should focus on
  • Foods that promote health and well-being – for Man and Environment.
  • The types of food to be encouraged and consumed
  • The types of food to be reduced or replaced
  • Foods that support social responsibility
  • Food mile reduction
  • Sources of additional information

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Sustainable Food Buzz Words
local, seasonal, organic, fair trade, flexitarian eating, meat-free Monday
minimum energy, minimum waste, minimum water use
food print, food miles