Psychedelics and mental health

After five decades in the freezer, psychedelics are slowly returning to the front line of mental health. When used respectfully, with a mindset of healing and in a safe and supportive setting, they could take mental health to new – and much needed heights. Check out this short (9 min) and moving film for more […]

Let’s talk about psychedelic integration

Did you have a psychedelic or other consciousness-expanding experience and are wondering what to do with it now? Then read on – and talk to me. In the wave of psychedelic renaissance washing over us as I’m writing these lines, the word ‘Integration’ is frequently heard. It is part of the triad of ‘Preparation, Journey, […]

Five Fabulous Reasons to Forgive

Everything I teach and share I have tried myself, and what I found to be powerful and life-changing, I share with as many people as would listen. For many years the nutrition message ran very deep – I ran plenty of detox groups, programs and retreats, all designed with the idea of allowing the body […]

Cancer – self-help resources

This page was written for the benefit of anyone out there who has had to look cancer in the eye. You may have just been diagnosed, you may be undergoing treatment or you may be post-treatment and in remission. If you’re looking to help yourself beyond conventional advice – to gain insight into alternative treatment options; […]

The Power of Positive Thinking

“Life is a mystery to be lived. Some people hear ‘life is a misery to be lived’. That is up to you. To me is it a mystery”        Osho   Positive thinking is rarely something you inherit from your family I grew up in a family where pessimism was the rule and there […]