5 different drinks to keep you warm on a snowy day

It’s December and we’re totally snowed under. I look outside my study window and everything is covered in white – roofs, road, rails. It’s Wonderland. Holland appears to have come to a standstill, and I’m loving it. Cocooned at home, all warm and cosy, I am free to engage in delicious reading and writing while […]

Afternoon dip? Here are some snazzy snack suggestions

Click on the video image to the left for some easy snack ideas in case you ran out of inspiration. Courtesy of Lifeguard, my all-time favourite colleague company promoting vitality on all levels inside organisations. Proud to be part of the Lifeguard team and its nutrition expert since 2010.

Celebrating 12 years of sharing the passion of healthy cooking

It was about twelve years ago, when the healthy eating trend was not even in its nappies, that I started sharing my passion for cooking and eating for vitality, for energy, for the Feel Good factor. And of course, for health. My three daughters were still very young and my family kitchen experiments, with my […]

The 5 foods I couldn’t do without

I love food, punto. In fact, I love a great variety of foods, so long as they are freshly prepared, with love and care and great spicing. Good quality fresh foods, simply prepared with the right seasoning are hard to beat and hard to go too wrong with, and that’s the kind of food I […]

15 ideas for good-for-you snacks

Snack time is often when the hand goes to an unhealthy and un-energising sweet treat – a biscuit (or three or four), a chocolate bar from the vending machine, a piece of cake that just ‘goes around’. Here are some easy and delicious alternatives.   On the sweeter side 40-50g raw nuts: almonds, walnuts, pistachios, […]

Cancer – self-help resources

This page was written for the benefit of anyone out there who has had to look cancer in the eye. You may have just been diagnosed, you may be undergoing treatment or you may be post-treatment and in remission. If you’re looking to help yourself beyond conventional advice – to gain insight into alternative treatment options; […]

Is sugar toxic?

It looks like it is, folks, especially due to the out-of-proportion amounts we consume, in drinks and in food. Sometimes we’re not even aware we’re ingesting sugar, as when we’re eating bread (sugar), drinking alcohol (sugar), having muesli for breakfast (sugar) or a croissant (sugar) as a snack. When you get to a point where […]