Detox Programs Terms & Conditions

Any healthy person can safely undergo a managed detox program. Participation in the Group Detox is not suitable if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or underweight. If you suffer from any serious and/or chronic medical condition please consult your doctor in advance.

During the detox process you may experience toxin release. On rare occasions this can cause discomfort, headache, gas, bloating, tiredness, weakness, mood fluctuations, muscle cramps and skin dryness. These phenomena are part of the detox process and usually subside as you go further into the detox program. If they persist you should seek further advice.

Before you sign onto the programme, please read and accept the following terms.

I confirm that to the best of my knowledge I am physically capable of partaking in the For Goodness’ Sake detox program/s.

I know of no pre-existing medical condition that would prevent me from joining the For Goodness Sake detox program/s.

Should my state of health change during the course of the For Goodness’ Sake detox program/s, I will immediately inform For Goodness’ Sake.

In joining the For Goodness’ Sake detox program/s I understand that the program is supported but not supervised. I take full responsibility for my health and well-being and will have no claim and/or complaint towards the organisers for any inconvenience, injury or complications resulting from the program.