Do you need inspiration in the kitchen, or maybe want to eat healthily but have no clue how to go about it?

Not to worry. Help is on hand! Join one of the many creative and delicious natural cooking workshops on offer – or book your own. The key words for all workshops are – Quick, Easy, Delicious, Nutritious. You are guaranteed to come out with a belly full of nutritious delicacies and a mind loaded with new ideas and information. Natural cooking methods, techniques, tools and accessories are demonstrated and discussed, and only fresh ingredients of the highest quality are used in the workshops.

Cooking classes and events are available for corporate and individual clients.
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Past Workshops

Here is a taste of some popular past workshops . To book a workshop of your choice just drop us a line.

  • “Verdura – Vegetables the Italian Way” – the Italians have a special way and affinity with vegetables. Fresh, mouth-watering produce, simple yet genius ways of cooking and just the right touch of a dressing or sauce. A new way to eat vegetables.
  • “Quick, Easy, Delicious, Nutritious” – minimum input, maximum output for busy, over-worked souls.
  • “Secrets of the Italian Cuisine” – for those who have prepared the ‘mozarella tricolore’ one time too many and want to explore some marvelous dishes that the Italians know well, but few others do. This cooking workshop is designed as an ‘Advanced Diploma’ in Italian cooking, with a strong emphasis on unfamiliar grains and vegetables.
  • “Tofu” – everyone knows it’s healthy, but no one knows what to do with it. A dozen dishes using different types of tofu, different cooking methods and Western plus Eastern traditions. If you don’t like tofu after this workshop, you never will.
  • “Juices & Smoothies” – An unusual evening of sheer, raw energy with a strong emphasis on vegetable, rather than fruit juicing. Utterly delicious drinks which take minutes to prepare yet fuel you up for hours at top performance levels. Superb for fitness and weight loss.
  • “Thai Cooking Class” healthy, wheat-free food that tastes divine from one of the world’s greatest cuisines. A lime-scented, chilli-flavoured, irresistibly tasty evening.
  • “Easy Asian” – for those of you looking to expand your culinary horizons with little effort and great impact. Meet basic ingredients and easy to prepare dishes from four distinct Asian cuisines.
  • “Asian Aromas” – the Asian cuisines are full to the brim with intricately flavoured dishes that not only taste great, they are also super healthy. The workshop is a tour de force of some of the best Asian cuisines, opening a window onto their richness and variety.
  • “Sushi” – a hands-on, make-your-own-sushi evening. Learn the basic technique and ingredients, and impress your family with six different types of this super popular Japanese dish.
  • “Get Back on Track” – a rehabilitation session after the Holiday Season. Warm, nourishing, honest winter food to help you restore balance and shed a few kilos.
  • “Gourmet Vitality” – This workshop is about health – how to gain it and how to keep it. If you want to learn how to detox on a daily basis, by making your diet pure, simple, fresh and utterly delicious, then let me share with you dishes that support rather than undermine health. Dishes that will make you want to eat more of them rather than think about what you’re missing.
  • “Land of Milk and Honey” (Middle Eastern Cuisine) – health, flavour and tons of beans and lentils. It’s the Med Diet minus the cream and plus the spice! Superb for everyday cooking.
  • “Winter Warmers” – earthy, warming, one-pot dishes with lots of seasonal vegetables, beans and lentils. Just the thing to ward off the ice and snow.
  • “On the Table in 30 Minutes” – super-healthy, super-quick, weekday meals, using the freshest seasonal produce and healthiest cooking techniques.
  • “Cooking with the Seasons” – celebrate the rich variety of seasonal produce and find out once and for all what to do with the vegetables you buy out of curiosity only to discover in the fridge, mouldy, 2 weeks later.
  • “Lunch Box Made Easy” – for all busy people who want something more than a boring old sandwich for lunch. Fifteen creative ideas for hot and cold packed lunches (also great for a picnic)
  • “Breakfast Busters” – To Eat or Not to Eat (breakfast)? This is the Question. If you are going to eat it, might as well make it as nourishing as you can. Summer breakfasts, winter breakfasts; hot and cold breakfast ideas; quick and easy for everyday and more relaxed for the weekend; 2 minute jobs to pack and take away and more elaborate, sit-down options – all shining with health, without a packet in sight.
  • “Curry Around the World” – an explosion of tastes from (of course!) India (north and south), Thailand, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Caribbean, spiced with tales of Olden Days and Exotic Lands.
  • “Naturally Sweet” – delicious and nutritious sweet things: cakes, biscuits, snacks and desserts, using alternative sweeteners and ingredients.
  • The World and Its Grain” – move beyond wheat to discover the world of grains and cereals – quinoa, kamut, spelt, millet, buckwheat, polenta and rice as well as many alternative pastas.