“Passion in Everything I Do”

Vardit Kohn has been a practising holistic nutritionist for over 20 years. An inspirational public speaker, top management coach, published author, catering advisor and alternative health practitioner, she works with corporations and individuals on improving health and performance using our primary energy source – food.

Vardit’s interest in well-being has led her to train as an Energy-Emotional healer following a holistic method developed by senior Cardiologist Dr. N. Butto. Treatments, done solely using hands and energy channeling, are equivalent to Spiritual Psychotherapy and allow people, often in a single treatment, to remove deep-held, negative emotional patterns, free up creativity and flow and restore peace of mind.

With physical and emotional elements under hand, Vardit trained as a teacher in Louise Hay’s Positive Mindset methods (“You Can Heal Your life”). The power of a positive, constructive mind underlies all of Vardit’s work, and she uses Louise Hay methods across all her trainings and treatments.

On a personal note Vardit, the mother of 3 grown-up, beautiful girls, is an avid salsa dancer while being a yoga practitioner for more than 25 years – that’s all chakras covered! 🙂 She is a music lover, manadala painter, a serious book worm and an eternal student. She is an accomplished cook with a great penchant for international travel. She has a special weakness for inspirational people and thrives on sunshine and human warmth.

Vardit’s Mission and Values

Do only good, for goodness’ sake…

Inspire and help people grow and develop in any form that is suitable for them – physical, emotional and/or mental.

Passionate in her belief that personal growth and change improve the quality of life of everyone.

Believes that solutions should be practical rather than perfectionist; doable rather than impossible. Ideally, they should be a pleasure, too…

Honesty and integrity are crucial. Vardit walks the talk, and lives the way she preaches.

Quality and care are essential. Vardit goes the extra mile to ensure that her clients get the advice and service they need, because she truly cares.