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Energy Wash-Out ◦ Breathwork ◦ Psychedelic integration

I help people who feel stuck. Stuck in painful emotions (such as burn-out, anger, depression, grief, shame or guilt); stuck in unhelpful thought/behaviour patterns; or living what looks like a good life, but feeling that ‘something’ is missing. In all cases, the Soul is signaling – “listen to me – I am in pain”.

Most of the people I work with have had years of therapy and/or vast experience with self-help methods. Still, they feel stuck. They’re desperate for a way out.  

The modalities I use reconnect you with your authentic self, bring emotional relief and return the sparkle to your eyes. They are also perfectly suitable for those seeking self-exploration and growth.


Webinars ◦ Workshops ◦ Coaching

Our beliefs and ideas about ourselves and our world create our reality. With Heal Your Life® you learn to identify the unhelpful, judgemental, negative mental patterns you use and replace them, using a variety of tools and techniques, with positive and empowering patterns instead. You help build yourself instead of beating yourself up. I am a trained Heal Your Life® teacher and coach, and I share with you the mental self-empowering tools that have radically changed my life. 


Webinars ◦ Workshops

With 25+ years of experience and practice in the field of holistic nutrition in every possible shape and form, this topic has become part of my DNA.

These days I speak and train at various forums and organizations on a variety of topics relating to nutrition, such as Eating to Perform (at work, sport and life), Eating for Energy, Eating for a Better Future and the Myths of Nutrition.

What can you expect when working with me?

  • A warm heart, listening ear and personal approach
  • Inspiration – to move forward in life positively and confidently
  • Expert knowledge, original insights and professional conduct
  • Integrity and humility – I walk the talk and seek to help
  • Passion in everything I do
  • Practical and positive outlook

Helping you to come back home to yourself. 

Live easily, fearlessly, joyfully

Some lovely words from those I was lucky to work with

Sharing thoughts for inspiration

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