I am driven by...

A desire to help people unlock their full potential and shine their unique light. 

That’s me, that’s my passion, that’s my life purpose.

In a hands-on, loving and caring way I share with you the wisdom I have been lucky enough to learn, in the true hope that you will be able to recognize your own magnificence and thrive. 

If I can help just one person the way I myself have been helped by so many others, that’s my work done. With a big smile and plenty of gratitude. 

In real life

◦ I practice energy- and breathwork healing, using unique techniques which

  • release emotional pain and blockages;
  • connect you with your authentic self; and
  • restore inner peace.

◦ I help people integrate psychedelic journeys and make sense of the insights in everyday life.

◦ I coach for mental resilience, self-healing and personal growth, following Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life ® philosophy. This deep, self-empowering work combines a spiritual (non-religious) approach with practical tools for everyday use.

◦ I give trainings, workshops, webinars and presentations (mostly in the corporate environment) on various aspects of Nutrition for Energy and Cultivating a Positive Mindset.

Body, Mind & Soul Nutrition

The three disciplines I practice share a common ground – helping people replace unhelpful emotions, beliefs, thoughts and diets with nourishing, loving, helpful ones instead, whether on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level.

It’s the equivalent of helping you clear your garden of unsightly weeds by replacing them with seeds that in time grow into colourful and beautiful flowers.

If this is what you’d like to do with your own personal garden – your body, mind and/or soul – then it’ll be my privilege to help you.


"Thank you dear Vardit, for being you, with all your love and lightness".

P. M., Netherlands

And who is the private Vardit?

I wouldn’t be me without…

  • Love.
  • My three daughters – Avigail, Ronni and Ella (25, 22 and 20, respectively). Three completely different, stunning flowers off the same stem, each with her own unique fragrance.
  • Dancing – I am an avid Latin dancer – salsa, bachata, kizomba and merengue. If you want to see The Real Vardit, look for me on the dance floor…  Passion, energy and infinite joy.
  • Yoga – which I have been practicing for nearly four decades, especially Iyengar Yoga. It is the foundation of my life and the earliest shaper of my life vision.
  • Music – is one of the most important spices of my life, accompanying and augmenting every mood I’m in. From satsang and kirtan via Indian and Lounge to romantic Latin and hot, hot salsa, music is an inseparable part of who I am.
  • Laughter – there’s nothing I love more than uncontrollable giggles…
  • Reading – I’m the ultimate book worm. Fiction, non-fiction, biographies, autobiographies, travel diaries – so long as it’s high quality and takes me a notch higher, I’m game!

  • Mandala painting – I love the symmetry, flow and harmony of mandalas. With the right music in the background time stops and I find myself happily painting at 5am.

  • Cooking – “Passion in everything I do”, right? Fresh, flavourful, delicious, international and naturally healthy cooking is what I do daily with the greatest of pleasures.

  • Traveling – I love people, food and languages; that’s a pretty good basis for a voracious international traveler.

  • Thirst for inspiration – my personal aspiration is to spend my time with people, practices, books, films, quotes, places – anything really that lifts me up & up. And there’s no end to how high we can go. 
  • Warmth – I was born in the height of summer in a hot, Mediterranean country. Love heat, love sunshine, love human warmth. Really dislike the cold – whether outdoors or in people.


Questions? Contact me.