I practice two modalities – the Energy wash-out (developed by Dr. Nader Butto) and Dynamic Breathwork. Both modalities

  • free up long-held negative emotions (such as stress, anger, sadness, pain, guilt) and
  • restore peace and flow.

They can be a great help when you feel stuck in life, in past traumas or in unhelpful thought patterns.

Both reduce stress, help you feel lighter and get you in touch again with your real self.

The physical body (soma) holds on to emotional pain, trauma and stress, often for decades. In both methods the body is used as a tool for releasing these underlying emotional patterns. 

The energy wash you did on me has truly transformed me. In fact, I have felt almost invincible. I cannot remember the last time in years that I felt so free and willing to pursue my destiny. During the treatment pinned-up feelings unexpectedly poured out of me. This experience literally liberated me .

V. M. Amsterdam

What can these techniques do for you?

Think of them as a cleansing and energizing emotional shower. Some benefits include:

  • You stop thinking and get out of the over-active, rational, controlling mind. What a relief!
  • You feel rather than think.
  • You connect with your emotions.
  • You release – stress, fatigue, negative thoughts, painful emotions.
  • You recharge with new energies.
  • You connect with your higher (and wiser) Self
  • You unleash creativity.

Everyone reacts differently to the treatment; no two people are alike. But most everyone feels a great deal of relief, enhanced clarity and greater peace of mind.

It was wonderful to feel the energy flow when you steered it through my body during the treatment. It literally washed out the sadness that I had carried with me for years. I feel relaxed, relieved and happy now... Thank you for providing a safe haven to let go.

C. M. Hilversum

What happens during an Energy wash-out or a Breathwork session?

In both methods you get out of your rational, over-thinking, controlling mind and into your subconscious. That’s where you encounter – and can release – long-held negative emotions. Following the release you sink into blissful relaxation, and may even see helpful visions or channel guiding messages from your higher self. 

During the Energy wash-out I guide you through special breathing while using pressure points and physical manipulation techniques for energy release and renewal.

In a Breathwork session I guide you through a particular breathing technique while using powerful, specially selected music to enhance the emotional release. 

No devices are used in either method. You remain fully conscious throughout the treatment and can stop it at any moment, although this rarely happens because the feeling of relief and release is so powerful.

Note that this is entirely your work with yourself; I am only the facilitator. There is no agenda and no dogma. We go with the flow and allow release and renewed energies.

[The treatment] transformed the way I relate to others. I dare to do what I believe I am meant to do, and it has brought back great surprises. I am forever grateful to you for opening this path for me. It makes my life meaningful and I feel so blessed.

I. H., Paris

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