Allow me to take the stress out of your nutrition issues. My practical approach to nutrition combined with over 20 years of experience mean I can offer easy, adaptable solutions to any wish or need you may have around food. Depending on your needs, I can…

  • coach you how to instantly upgrade your diet to enhance your energy, health and feel-good factor;
  • guide you how to replace unhelpful eating habits with new, positive ones
  • put together a menu with and for you– gluten-free, lactose-free, paleo (‘oereten’), vegetarian, vegan or any other variation
  • adviseyou how to easily feed your children more healthily
  • help you lose/put on weight and help you explore the mental patterns behind both.
  • host a themed cooking workshop for a group of friends
  • Inspire and motivate for positive change via interactive, 2-3 hour trainings on various themes.

Using expert knowledge and a down to earth approach I guarantee you a motivating solution to any question/ issue you may have around food.

Coming workshop: “Making Life Easy – Cooking with Shortcuts” / Tuesday, 21st November 2017, 18.00 – 21.00, Chez Vardit’s in Bussum

There’s life before Vardit and after Vardit – it’s as simple as that. You made the most significant change to my daily behavior and I will always be grateful for my everyday feeling of health and wellness. Thank you – and keep changing the world.”

A. v H., Netherlands

What can nutrition do for me?

Nutrition can change your life, simple as that. The right nutrition pattern can

  • increase your energy
  • improve your performance (physical and mental)
  • make you feel fitter and more vital
  • improve your sleep
  • enhance your mood
  • free you from disease
  • relieve symptoms
  • help you lose (or gain) weight

Food is the fuel your body runs on. If you upgrade your fuel from diesel to high octane, you will notice a much better performance overall. It is an incredibly powerful tool, and one which we anyway use every day 3-5 times a day. Make it work for you!

What will you get from a nutrition session with me?

When you are coached by me, you get

  • clarity – no-nonsense, direct advice suitable for your needs, desires and likes
  • inspiration – using a positive, motivating approach. No ‘shoulds’, only ‘coulds’
  • empathy – a fully listening ear and a heart that cares that you get better
  • honesty – no selling of anything, foods or supplements
  • creativity – beautiful, tasty food ideas that you’ll enjoy eating

Are you lost with so much conflicting nutrition information around?

Then you’re in good company. With so much conflicting nutrition information in the media, it can be difficult to know what’s right and what’s not. The key is what’s right and what’s not for you, because there’s only one of you and your needs are unique.
Allow me to take the stress out of your search process. I’m a practical, down-to-earth person and I have spent over 20 years in the field of nutrition, doing everything you could think of, and more, around the subject. What might look a mystery to you is everyday language to me – which I will happily share with you in clear and simple terms.

“I have suffered illnesses my whole life: migraines, soccer injuries and colds practically every year, and last year very bad mononucleosis (‘kissing disease’). After six months the doctors told me that I was cured, but it didn’t feel like it at all. I was sceptical about nutrition, but I did exactly what Vardit told me to do. It took a lot of discipline, but the benefits were immense – better sleep, more energy, no more injuries, no headaches and cleaner skin. I owe you a lot, Vardit. Thanks!”

D.N., Netherlands

This is what they say…

…about the Energy Wash-out

My 2 year old son developed a large swollen gland in the back of his neck. He was being monitored by the paediatric department at the NM hospital with regard to it being a possible lymphoma. During my appointment with Vardit she spent considerable time asking about both my son and myself. She gave me both practical advice about possible alternative reasons for this swollen gland, and possible dietary solutions, as well as considerable emotional support. I implemented as many of the ideas as I could, and the lump disappeared within two weeks. Vardit has continued to stay in touch to check on our progress. Her advice and support were of great help.

M.B., England

I had been suffering from chronic migraines and was taking pain killers regularly. After seeing Vardit I changed my lifestyle according to her recommendations. Within a few months the migraines stopped altogether. I feel significantly more active and healthy. I owe most of the credit to Vardit for her expert advice, inspiration and constant support throughout. Thank you for the positive changes you made to my life”.

T.R., London

“Since the age of eleven (I am 43) I have suffered from eczema, irritating and itching skin. I have seen a million doctors, done several allergic tests, been given a million medicines and ointments. In the long run nothing really helped. At that moment Vardit came into my life and changed my world. My thanks and respect to Vardit for her knowledge of nutrition. I stopped taking medications and my eczema is gone, after 32 years!”

F.T., Netherlands

“You really changed my way of thinking about food and about what I owe to myself and my family. I am back to my weight of 10 years ago and feel so much better. Thank you so much, Vardit, you are so inspiring.”

S. K., Netherlands

“When I contacted Vardit, I hoped she would give me a different perspective to the way I was looking at food. What I got was a whole lot more. Following Vardit’s easy-to-follow instructions has given me a lot more energy, better focus and concentration. My diet is miles better. I now know what to put into my body, when and why. Thanks, Vardit, you have changed the way I look at nutrition forever.”

D.T., Northants, England

“My four and half year old son had suffered terribly with constipation and general ill health pretty much since birth. We had visited doctors in hospital for two years without any improvement in his health whatsoever. Having spent no more than a couple of hours with Vardit explaining his health issues, she concluded that he suffered from gluten intolerance. Under her caring guidance we slowly eliminated gluten from his diet, and within two months my son’s health had improved dramatically! It’s amazing to realise how much you can achieve by simply adapting a diet.”

E. K., Netherlands

“I don’t know how to say thank you for what I have experienced during the last 3 months. [Your advice] has changed my life, and I sincerely hope that one day I can do for just one person what you have done for me (and my housemates, my boyfriend, and just about everyone else I come in to contact with who will listen to me!). Thank you again”.

J.S., England

“There’s life before Vardit and after Vardit – it’s as simple as that. You made the most significant change to my daily behavior and I will always be grateful for my everyday feeling of health and wellness. Thank you – and keep changing the world.”

A. v H., Netherlands