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This page was written for the benefit of anyone out there who has had to look cancer in the eye. You may have just been diagnosed, you may be undergoing treatment or you may be post-treatment and in remission. If you’re looking to help yourself beyond conventional advice – to gain insight into alternative treatment options; to gain energy; to support on-going treatment; to enhance recovery; to prevent recurrence; and to look for ways to heal on all levels – this page will open a wide door for you to a host of resources you may not have known existed. For obvious reasons the main focus is nutrition, but the resources below – the clinics, books, films, forums and websites – list many other helpful therapies you may want to explore. I truly hope that you and your dear ones will be able to find positive and useful information that will send you back toward health and keep you there safely.

The following suggestions are intended to be used for informative and educational purposes only. They are not a substitute for clinical advice or treatment for any disease, condition or illness, nor do they necessarily represent Vardit’s opinions. Vardit Kohn and For Goodness’ Sake take no responsibility for any damage, liability or loss caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly as a result of the use, application or interpretation of the suggestions included in this posting. If in any doubt, visit a reliable holistic practitioner.



The following clinics offer partial or full holistic treatment of cancer under the Hippocrates motto “Do no harm”. By ‘holistic’ I mean treating the patient as a unique individual, deserving a healing process specifically adapted to his/her individual needs on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – while causing as little damage as possible. Some of the clinics mentioned below use some form/s of conventional treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiation, but at reduced dosages or using modified techniques. All of them use natural methods, including pure, natural nutrition of course, to strengthen the immune system, support the clinical protocol, enhance the healing process and alleviate symptoms. The emphasis is on individual care rather than standard protocols. Cancer is strictly a time for bio-individuality – what works for one may not work for the other. With the understanding that cancer is not purely a physical disease, most of the clinics listed below offer psychological and spiritual support. Check this point as it can be crucial for the success of your healing. Lastly, I strongly suggest that you check post-care support – what does the clinic offer in terms of education and support to keep you on the health path once you’re healed. IMPORTANT – the following clinics are all private. Speak with your health insurance provider to see if they will cover your treatment costs in another European country (costs of care in the US for European citizens are unlikely to be covered). European law is not clear-cut on the subject, but it is worthwhile putting pressure on your insurer to get the treatment you want while checking out your rights. See here for more general information on the subject. To obtain more precise advice check this page.

  • An Oasis of Healing, Arizona – run by a medical doctor with a very holistic view of cancer, the clinic’s philosophy is to treat the patient on three levels: teach the patient to stop making cancer; target and eliminate the cancer without harming the patient; and stimulate the immune system. The clinic sees itself not as a treatment centre but as an educational centre for its patients, teaching them how to look after themselves for the rest of their life once healed. To get an idea of the clinic’s approach listen to the short video introduction by Dr. Lodi.
  • 3E Centre, Germany – a holistic centre with broad knowledge of natural cancer therapies. Patient needs to be physically capable of taking care of him/herself, no 24/7 medical help.
  • Arlesheim Clinic, Switzerland – offering integrated approach conventional/alternative and strong supportive care. Based on Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophic philosophy.
  • Hufeland Clinic, Germany – combines conventional  and alternative treatments. Seeks to rebalance patient first of all, to allow the immune system to do its job.
  • Burzynski Clinic, Texas – offers individually tailored, gene-targeted cancer treatment based on individual gene mapping. For brain cancers, including very advanced cases, the clinic offers an innovative alternative treatment using non-toxic peptides and amino acids, known as antineoplastons, which act as genetic switches that turn tumor suppressor genes “on”. The treatment has with minimal side effects and high success rates, as detailed in this inspiring film.


  • Crazy Sexy Cancer – the personal story of Kris Carr, diagnosed with a stage 4 rare form of incurable cancer. Today she’s healthier and happier than ever and busy helping others on a similar path. Very inspiring.
  • “Cancer, Nutrition and Healing” by Jerry Brunetti
  • “Rethinking Cancer” – a documentary featuring cancer survivor stories and providing a rare look into the psychological and therapeutic journeys of five men and women who used alternative cancer therapies to overcome serious illness.
  • “Nutrition and Cancer” – a rare case of an oncologist discussing the relationship between nutrition and cancer. Informative.
  • “Food Matters” (not specifically about cancer but a good explanation of the principles of natural nutrition).
  • “Burzynski – Cancer Is a Serious Business” – a moving and inspirational film about a potent, potential, natural cure for cancer (especially brain cancer) and how (and this is far less inspirational) the FDA does its best to keep it off the market.




The websites listed below offer a wealth of free information in the form of e-books, online lectures, webinars, protocols, documents and in some cases even free consultations.

  • The Centre for Advancement in Cancer Education – a not-for-profit cancer information, counseling and referral organisation.
  • Crazy Sexy Life may not sound like much of a cancer website, but is actually the helpful and inspiring product of Kris Carr, a cancer survivor and activist. Plenty of tips, ideas, affirmations and recipes from someone who has had to heal herself against all odds.
  • Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy (F.A.C.T.) – a non-profit educational organization that supports non-toxic, biologically sound approaches to cancer prevention and treatment. Check especially their resources section and their film, “Rethinking Cancer”.
  • Inspire Health – the website of Canada’s only government-funded integrated cancer care centre. Although the centre and its programs are local (Vancouver), the FAQ and Healing Modalities pages are useful for all. Is there such a centre in your country, too? (and if not – why?!).
  • Doctor Nalini combines the best of both worlds of Eastern and Western medicine.
  • The Annie Apple Seed Project – scroll to the bottom of the page for news of their annual complementary & alternative cancer therapies conference
  • Cancer Tutor lists many (very) alternative protocols for cancer treatment and endless amounts of information.


With particular focus on nutritional approaches to cancer.

 Self-help in Holland

  • Henk Fransen – a doctor with 20+ years’ experience of helping cancer patients with alternative advice. Plenty of information and helpful tips on the site, plus the required positive attitude!


In loving memory of our friend Holger Bismann, 1961-2011 ♥
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