On yoga and (body, mind & soul) nutrition

A small confession: yoga has been an inseparable part of my life for over 30 years. What began in my youth as pure physical exercise, developed roots and branches over the years. Now I see yoga in everything I do, including my work. Yoga and the work I do – soul, mind and body nutrition […]

Psychedelics and mental health

After five decades in the freezer, psychedelics are slowly returning to the front line of mental health. When used respectfully, with a mindset of healing and in a safe and supportive setting, they could take mental health to new – and much needed heights. Check out this short (9 min) and moving film for more […]

Staying Positive in the Storm

In times of crisis our pre-historic brain spots what’s wrong, to better defend us. As such times it’s only human to feel anxious, worried and pessimistic. Such negative feelings trigger the ‘stress response’, and a high level of the stress hormone, cortisol. Good for the short term, but long term high cortisol levels weaken the […]

Afternoon dip? Here are some snazzy snack suggestions

Click on the video image to the left for some easy snack ideas in case you ran out of inspiration. Courtesy of Lifeguard, my all-time favourite colleague company promoting vitality on all levels inside organisations. Proud to be part of the Lifeguard team and its nutrition expert since 2010.