Rewriting the Old Tapes’Workshop

Based on the philosophy of Louise Hay
Sunday, 10th September 2017, 14.00-15.00
(Heart to Heart Festival, Huizerweg 54, 1402AD Bussum, Pranazaal)
Cost €20 for the entire festival/day, 10th September)

Spices and herbs. Curry, saffron, turmeric, cinnamon over wood

Old tapes often run our life. They are the negative messages we heard as children from our parents, family, teachers, coaches, even friends – “you’re too slow, too tall, too dumb, too unqualified, not good enough…”. These ‘old tapes’ often contain a lot of criticism and ‘shoulds’, and they continue to run our life long after we stopped being children.

But these old, negative messages are not us!

In this workshop, based on Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life® philosophy, we will explore our thought patterns and catch those negative thoughts that still run our life. We will then turn them around and Rewrite the Old Tapes, using personally suitable positive affirmations and mirror work.

You don’t have to listen to this old junk. Just retape! Bring self approval into your life, and see what happens.

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