Is sugar toxic?

It looks like it is, folks, especially due to the out-of-proportion amounts we consume, in drinks and in food. Sometimes we’re not even aware we’re ingesting sugar, as when we’re eating bread (sugar), drinking alcohol (sugar), having muesli for breakfast (sugar) or a croissant (sugar) as a snack. When you get to a point where even your pasta sauce and smoked salmon contain sugar (they do), you realise that a ‘balanced sugar consumption’ is something that’s quite tricky to achieve. It’s not impossible and it’s still possible to enjoy a bit of added sugar from time to time, as long as you are seriously aware of what you eat and check labels carefully. If you assume food is free of sugar (for example, prepared soups or salads), you are in for an unpleasant surprise.

If you think I’m a scaremonger, think again. Research from top US universities and medical centers┬áscientifically┬áproves how sugar is implicated in obesity, heart disease and even cancer – and shows, via MRI, how addictive it is.

Watch this short and fascinating CBS ’60 Minutes on Sugar’ news video.



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