“I’ve done tons of cooking classes, including Le Cordon Bleu and Ecole Ritz Escoffier, but this was the first healthy cooking seminar I’ve attended – and it most certainly won’t be my last!  In only one lesson I’ve walked away with 3 menus that I will actually be making within the next week. For as many cooking classes as I’ve attended, this is the first time I will put the recipes into immediate and daily action!”

T.H., Holland

“As members of the American Women’s Club, we had a warm, educational and superb cooking workshop. WOW, did the members get their money’s worth! The hand-outs, recipes, hands-on cooking, tasting and question-answer sessions. It was an experience that we didn’t want to end. Everyone is so motivated to eat better………for life. THANK YOU!”

T.M., Amsterdam

“Vardit, you are a real pro! Your Thai cooking workshop was fantastic – very impressive, delicious food, great tips tucked gracefully between the sizzling wok and the steaming pots. A fun, educational and very tasty evening!”

A.W., Amsterdam

“Once again, I LOVED coming to your place and learning so much! The food was amazing… I love the way you engage everyone with letting us smell everything and giving us bits of information along the way. You really do a great job with those workshops.”

K.C., Amsterdam

“As someone who enjoys cooking, I loved everything about the evening – seeing the food being prepared and cooked in front of me, and being able to ask so many questions directly to you. We do tend to eat quite healthily in our family, but last night’s workshop made me realize how we could improve even further with very tasty and nutritious alternatives. Thank you again”.

K.H., Muiderberg

“…last night was superb and very inspiring! I was incredibly impressed with how well organized and beautifully presented everything was”.

L.K., Amsterdam

“At my husbands birthday-borrel last Saturday, I prepared the Teriyake Salmon with Miso and Tofu, Dill and Pea Rice and Quinoa Taboule. Everybody liked it sooooo much!!!”

A. F., Holland

Corporate Cooking Workshops

“A great initiative to get people interested in healthy eating. It really helped me to understand more about what is real ‘health food’. Vardit is super-friendly, approachable and makes recipes we can all achieve at home”.

UPC employee

“Apart from being friendly and witty, Vardit shows she understands the target audience that’s working 40+ hours a week, and creates the right program to fit the needs of this group”.

Chello Media employee

“Vardit’s presentation and enthusiasm are great. It’s nice to meet and share food with colleagues in a different setting. It would be great if this kind of workshop took place more often.”

Liberty Global employee