What’s Natural Nutrition?

Natural Nutrition is a gentle therapy which makes use of nutrition, supplements and various naturopathic remedies and techniques to restore the body to balance and bring about its healing.

What sort of conditions do you deal with?

Nutritional advice can benefit virtually everyone. More specifically, Natural Nutrition can greatly benefit the following:

What age groups do you cover?

There is no age limit to Natural Nutrition. The youngest as well as the oldest can benefit from it.

Do you have experience treating children?

Yes. I have treated children for various conditions, and I am also my own three children’s personal nutritionist and doctor.

Can Natural Nutrition be combined with other therapies?

Of course. Natural Nutrition creates a better platform for other therapies on which to work. It is no coincidence that all ancient healing systems stress the importance of nutrition as a good basis for other forms of treatment, such as acupuncture, homeopathic remedies, massage or herbal therapy. Natural Nutrition can only improve things. It can also be useful to people using normal drugs and medicines, although it’s always best to work without drugs in the background.

Do you work with other practitioners?

I most certainly do. I have the deepest respect for and appreciation of all forms of ‘alternative medicine’. I find that most alternative therapies share a similar holistic outlook, which is why they work together beautifully, thereby enhancing the healing process many fold. I also find that good alternative medicine practitioners who practice holistically tend to reach similar conclusions, each from his/her own angle.

Personally, I work with practitioners in the field of homeopathy, chiropractics, reiki, healing, remedial yoga, osteopathy, shiatsu, consulting and aromatherapy.