Energy Wash-Out

In 2013 I trained under cardiologist Dr. Nader Butto to give an energy wash-out emotional treatment. Having spent years teaching people the benefits of a physical detox, it was thrilling to discover an equally powerful method for emotional detox, imbued with the holistic philosophy of Dr. Butto and of the natural nutrition and healing methods I have been practicing with such pleasure and success for so long.

What is the Energy Wash-Out

The underlying principle of the energy-emotional wash-out method is that long-held negative emotions or traumas cause certain energy centers in our body to close up. The energy circulation in that area, typically around the chakhra areas, weakens and sometimes stops altogether. Therefore, the purpose of the energy wash-out treatment is to release the blocked up energy and to restore good energy flow to the blocked areas and to the entire body in general. Think of it as a cleansing and energizing emotional shower.

What can the wash-out do for me?

Stress reduction, tension release, freeing up of long held negative emotions (anger, sadness, pain) and a ‘lifting of weight off one’s shoulders’. Better breathing (great for asthmatics), a feeling of lightness and a sense of getting in touch again with one’s real self. The wash-out can also help with a myriad of physical illness symptoms, where the source is emotional (sometimes without us being aware of it) rather than purely physical.

Tell me more…

The energy in our body runs between two poles – the head and the feet. In between and along the way we find the chakhras, the energy centers of the body through which the energy must flow. Good energy flow can only occur when we are physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. Traumas and life challenges (whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) can block up this energy flow. In the absence of sound and harmonious energy flow our body weakens, we feel less vital and our susceptibility to disease increases. The energy-emotional wash-out releases the chakhra blockages, restores energy flow throughout the body and enables self-healing.

The treatment combines several healing and Eastern techniques. It is carried out with light, comfortable clothes and the person remains fully aware throughout. When the energy blockage is released, it may be expressed as tears, laughter, anger or shouting until a full, recharging energy flow is felt in the body. At the end of the treatment the person experiences relief and a strong energy recharge.

Location and practicalities

The treatment is given at the Heart to Heart Center in Bussum (Vaartweg 84-86, 1st floor).
Come dressed with comfortable, loose clothes.

The treatment takes from 1.5 – 3 hours.

Who is the treatment suitable for?

The energy-emotional wash-out treatment is suitable for all ages so long as the person is able and willing to cooperate with the treatment instructions.

The treatment is not suitable for the following:
  • people suffering from mental illness (except anxiety or depression)
  • people suffering from heart rhythm irregularities or
  • pregnant women
  • young children

This is what they say…

...about the Energy Wash-out

D. H., Netherlands

I am amazed by the experience... I didn't know what to expect, I could have never imagined it. I didn't think that I was still carrying so much pain with me... But today the numb feeling I had for so long seems to be so reduced, as if all colors have brightened up. Incredible! (I must admit I was very skeptical before).

L. d M., Washington

I came to you based on a couple of very enthusiastic referrals from people dear to me. I entered my session burdened with heavy feelings of guilt coming from a radical relationship transition. I was impressed with your personal care and empathy, and with the power of the various components of your session. I emerged with greatly improved feelings, but what I will remember for the rest of my life is how the impact of a 3-hour session stayed with me for months. I am forever grateful.

M. K., Bilthoven

Amazing experience… a wonderful way of dealing with hidden emotions and a great way to lift the heavy weight feeling from one’s shoulders.

L.K. Eindhoven

Vardit, wat ben jij een mooi mens, zò liefdevol nabij, zo krachtig, zo helpend. Vele inzichten rijker en een stuk lichter, kijk ik terug op een diepgaande transformerende sessie. Dank Vardit, voor je hulp in deze en vooral voor je Liefde die ik ten volle heb mogen ervaren!

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